Wearing Sunshine: Citrine & Golden Topaz Share the Spotlight as November’s Birthstone

November’s twin birthstones are a brilliant example of jewelry’s incredible power to lift the mood and elevate the spirit. Here at The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest, we’re treated to beautiful sunshine throughout much of the year, but that isn’t true everywhere. In the cold, dark reaches of Northern Europe, where many of our birthstone traditions have their earliest roots, November can be a bleak time. Citrine, with its warm, golden hues, and yellow topaz are the perfect gems to bring a little light to cold, cloudy days.

Citrine & Golden Topaz Legends & Lore

Topaz was held to have some serious magical properties: wearing topaz would grant long life, wisdom, and protection from evil spells. Particularly gorgeous topaz came from Russian’s Ural Mountain region; these were known as Imperial Topaz and by law, only the Tsar and his family were legally allowed to wear them.

Citrine was thought to have the same properties, plus the ability to attract prosperity. Supplies of citrine were relatively limited for a while, until scientists discovered that heating amethyst and smoky quartz could turn the stones the warm, compelling yellow citrine lovers craved. Prices came down, relative to golden topaz, allowing jewelry designers to create many gorgeous attractive looks featuring citrine.

Wearing Citrine & Golden Topaz Jewelry

Citrine and topaz are both relatively hard stones. They are more than durable enough for use in rings, and look especially gorgeous paired with yellow gold and diamond accents. The diamond/citrine combination also is extremely popular in earrings: if you’ve got blond hair or blond highlights, the golden tone of the stone will accent them beautifully.

Many of our customers love David Yurman jewelry. He has several pieces featuring citrine, including some beautiful rings and his classic cable bracelet. We buy these whenever they’re available for our Previously Enjoyed Collection – make sure to check the showcases regularly because they do not stay for long. Judith Ripka also does great work with citrine and sterling silver, including her signature heart ring.

We’ve stocked up on citrine and yellow topaz, so if you are a November birthday girl or you have a November birthday girl in your life, now is the time to come to The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest and do some serious shopping!

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