Why Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Are Pretty Awesome

If you’re shopping for an engagement ring, chances are you’ve already seen somewhere between ten and thirty seven million articles describing the many different shapes that diamonds can be cut into. What’s a little harder to find is any information about what makes one type of cut better than another type of cut. If you’re trying to find a diamond engagement ring that looks great, is reasonably priced, and is designed to stand the test of time, here’s why you’re going to love princess cut diamonds.

Princess Cut Diamonds look great. The Princess cut is technically supposed to be square, although most stones are slightly rectangular. Diamond cutters love the Princess cut because it’s an efficient design – you can get two really nice stones out of one piece of rough stone compared to a more complex cut, which results in more wasted diamonds. This means you save money!

Princess cut diamonds appear larger than a round cut diamond of the same size. If you want a flashier, more impressive appearing ring, that’s good information to know. A Princess cut diamond in a Halo setting will seem larger than a round cut diamond in the same Halo setting.

The shape of a Princess Cut diamond is forgiving of inclusions or flaws. This means they’re either invisible to the naked eye or covered completely with the Princess Cut’s traditional mount, which covers all four corners of the stone. Most popular colors in Princess Cut diamonds are the budget friendly G-H colors: you can get all the glamour you want without paying outrageous prices.

For the ultimate value in Princess Cut diamond engagement rings, you’ll want to shop The Jewelry Box of Lake Forest’s Previously Enjoyed collection. That’s where you’ll find stunning beauties like this:

"Previously Enjoyed" Price: $2,998
“Previously Enjoyed” Price: $2,998

5 Carat princess cut diamond set in the super popular Halo setting makes this engagement ring one she’ll love!